Monday, September 08, 2008

30 days rambling

I have been cooking every night since I started 30 Days of Nothing. I must admit that I caved and bought myself Jack-in-the Box the other night. I don't even feel guilty about it. I have been doing really good in all of the other areas. I do have to buy a new outfit this week for myself because we have our first school function to go to and I am NOT going to be looking like a frumpy mom when we go. I will try to keep it cheap though.

The table and chairs I wanted from Target are no longer on my wishlist because they wanted $300 to ship it when it only cost $349 to begin with. So I abandoned that and found one locally that I love even more. The one I plan on getting now has 6 chairs so I will have extra seating for guests. I am hating cooking every night but I am forcing myself to do it. I am pretty much in the habit now so I might actually make it the whole month. I can guarantee however that come October 1 Pizza hut will be hearing from us.

I also made my menu plan for this week so here it is:

Monday- orange bbq chicken and rice

Tuesday- tacos w/corn tortillas


Thursday- herb chicken and rice

Friday- beef enchiladas

Saturday- hamburger helper

Sunday- crepes

Deserts this week are: peach cobbler, cherry enchiladas and jello with cool whip

Oh and the pic is from the other night. I got all the kids to sit on the rocking chair and Macie didn't want to cooperate at first so I just had the boy and Makayla. I love the feet. It is so cute to see the difference between my oldest and my baby. And speaking of the boy..his birthday is Thursday and tomorrow I am going to share the story about how his birthday(9-11) might have saved his life. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Lesley said...

I love baby feet too, especially their little toes :-)

You are doing a great job with 30 Day of Nothing. Hang in there, you can do it!! And, for anyone who does it and has kids, I have to think that it has the potential to teach them wonderful lessons!!

Ariana said...

Ugh, I hate cooking too. My family is so ungrateful about it so that makes it worse.

I love the feet picture.
Are you going to show us your new outfit when you get it?

linda said...

Your menu sounds great.. those cherry enchiladas are so good.. for our quesadillas, i bought a quesadillas maker at target.. it is a fantastic gadget to own.. just put a tortilla in it, fill with your favorite fillings and then place second tortilla on top.. we use it daily

Maria said...

Way to go on the cooking every night!! I find that really hard too - no idea what I'd do if Phil didn't love to cook. I suck at it too. I can do casseroles and pasta and that's about it. I would LOVE your cherry enchilada recipe!!! That sounds super yummy!!!

Antonia said...

I want some tacos!! haha

Everything sounds good, well..except for the cherry things! lol!

When you coming to see me?? I miss you!

Cassandra-ann said...

Wow your doing great! good luck finding a nice inexpensive outfit to wear ;-)
I do my slow cooker chicken by rubbing it with some butter and either adding a packet of powder french onion soup mix or some powdered stock... easy peasy ;-)