Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cars and Savings

I haven't posted a pic of the kids lately and I haven't been taking many except of Makayla before school. After all I do have to document every outfit that she has for school. I found this one of the boy sleeping and I love it because it truly shows how much he loves Cars. My mother-in-law got him the Lightning McQueen pillow and the comforter. That is one thing I never want to forget. As soon as he sees anything Disney Cars related he screams "Cars! Cars!" Definitely something I need to scrap about soon.

I am doing good on my spending so far. I have been resisting the urge and I have been baking a lot from scratch and cooking. I can already tell I am going to end up saving a ton of money this month plus my mother-in-law has hired me to do some albums for her. She is paying me plus she bought a TON of supplies and embellishments and she said I can keep anything I don't use on her albums. She bought a LOT of stuff. I am really excited about that. My first paid scrapping job!

Things have been pretty low key lately. We have been spending time at home and trying to relax. School is going great and I am so proud of my daughter. I can already see such a difference in her. Everyday she is learning new stuff and I love seeing her excited about learning. Her school has done an amazing job already. Happy Wednesday!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Whew....I hadn't been by here in awhile. You have been really busy and I love 30 day thing you are doing!

Love the apron too....I have one and use it when I make bread...which has been toooooo long ago!

Dawn said...

That is such a cute picture! I'm glad your savings is going so great!

Antonia said...

Get to scrapping girl!! :)

Cute pic of the boy, as always!

Cassandra-ann said...

HI , ik just thought i'd pop over to your blog to see how you were going and because you were nice enough to come to mine and leave a comment for me :-)
Soundslike your going great ! i will come back to check more often to see how your doing :-)