Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Goodbye Summer!

This was the scene in my laundry room all summer long. All of our swimsuits and covers hanging above the washer and dryer just waiting to be used. This morning when we walked outside I was delighted to feel a very cool breeze. Fall is upon us and I could not be happier. I hate summer. Fall is the season that keeps me feeling energized.

That is why I have a hard time not spending money during the fall months. In the summer the stores don't really have anything I want. Everything is pastel or nautical. The fall is a different story. Every corner of every store has beautiful golden colors. Colors that scream cozy and warm. I have already resisted the urge to go to Michaels about 100 times now. I want to buy some new fall decor but I keep reminding myself that I bought a ton of it just last year and that it is all still perfectly good. One day down. Only 29 more to go.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and I must say I am very impressed with myself. I got quite a bit of stuff and I didn't buy any convience meals! I am going to keep a current total of the amount I spend on groceries this month and I will post it at the bottom of my sidebar. So if you are interested in keeping up with how I am doing just scroll down and look to the right. I am hoping not to spend more than $200 this month on groceries. Thankfully I still have almost a years supply of bath products(shampoo,deodorant,body wash,toothpaste) from when I did the grocery game. We also have enough cereal to get us through the next 6 months so I think we will be ok. The grocery game really helped me stockpile for a while.

Then yesterday my dad and step family brought us a TON of fruits and veggies. We are good on fruit for at least the next week. I made a batch of apple muffins last night and plan on making more. My fridge is packed with fruit. It doesn't look like 30 Days of Nothing to me. I am going to do a post once a week and give our weekly menu and anything else exciting I have to say about our experiment. I am excited to try this but I must admit that I am craving a burger from Wendy's!

So here is our menu for this week. I don't plan breakfast or lunch because we always have stuff on hand for those meals.

Monday- burritos

Tuesday- Bourbon chicken from here

Wednesday- orange bbq chicken and rice

Thursday- fried chicken

Friday- Homeade pizza( I plan on making my own crust and sauce)

Saturday- hamburger helper ( Yes we actually like it. Especially the boy. He thinks it is the greatest food ever!)

Sunday- leftovers or something quick and easy

Some days get switched up. I don't always stick to having the exact meal I write on certain days. At least I know I have all the stuff to make any of these meals on any day I choose.


Dawn said...

You have really got this all planned out! I am anxious to see how much you do spend on groceries this month! I do love summer, but fall is the best when it starts feeling cool outside!

Antonia said...

Craving a burger from Wendy's... LOL!

Well, so far you are doing good, 1 day.. and not going to Micheal's..that is really big of you!

Meals sound yummy!!

Maby said...

Are you still doing the grocery game? I've stopped couponing these last few months, but am back to getting my coupons for the past 3 weeks, and ready to do the deals this week. Yesterday I went to a different grocery store and had a list - and spent about $40 less than what I normally do :)

Ariana said...

Wow, I'm rooting for you that you can make it! I need to do something like that after we move!

linda said...

I am cheering for you.. You can do this, great job with the menu all the meals sound really good..

Butterfly Mama said...

I too mix up our meals - as long as I have the dinners planned for the week and the stuff on hand the menu is changed at Moms will!

Thanks for sharing,