Saturday, September 27, 2008

Organization ranting

Nothing too terribly exciting has been going on here. Well that's not entirely true but it's not stuff I want to blog about. I am just at a weird place right now. Since I didn't have anything new to blog about I wanted to post an organization idea. When we first moved in I bought a $20 coat rack to hang on our wall. We love it and it holds everything from my purse and cameras to the dogs leashes and our keys. When Makayla started school I wanted to get the matching smaller one at Target for $14.99. to put low on the end of our bar so she could reach it when she came home.

Well a few days before I started 30 days of nothing I was in the grocery store and came across this adorable rack for $3.99. I scooped it up and it is exactly what I wanted. It works great because she knows she has a place to put everything herself and in the winter it will hold all 3 of their coats and jackets. Talk about a good deal. Lately I have been wanting to really get organized. Now I know I always say that but this time I think I mean it. Right now my life is so crazy it is a miracle I can get out of bed and function. Why make it worse by cluttering up my home?

So I think I am going to challenge myself. Every week I am going to tackle an area that needs to be organized and post about it here. This will keep me motivated. One of the problems I have is that I organize stuff and then 3 days later it is back to it's previous state. I need to work on that.

My biggest passion in life is making and decorating a home. It is so important to me. Most of my friends don't share that passion. Especially one of them. She could care less about all of that but I just simply say that it is what I love and my family deserves it. Am I up for the challenge? I sure hope so.


Beka said...

I love organizing, I suck at it most of the time, but I love it. I'm better about keeping some things organzied then I am about others. I'll help keep you motivated! Good luck and HAVE FUN!!

Stacia Howard said...

Im back! Just got the internet back & working today. Im catching up on your blogs. Hope to talk soon!

Antonia said...

It is always great to be organized! Speaking of which..there is a drawer thing at Walmart for like $50 dollars that I want soo bad for my scrapping stuff!

At least you will know whee Makayla's school stuff is now, very great idea!

Shawna said...

That lil coat rack is awesome! I definitely need one of those for the girls backpacks and jackets, they are always misplacing something around here!

Ariana said...

That's a GREAT idea! $3.99?! Score!