Monday, September 22, 2008

First official day of Fall!

Today is the first official day of Fall!!! This is my favorite time of the year. I absolutely loathe summer and this time each year I feel so refreshed and happy. Fall brings so many of my favorite things.

Kids in warm pj's
colder nights to snuggle up with your favorite blanket
A crisp feeling in the air

I could go on and on. Yesterday I decided to put up our Fall decor. It looks so good in here and now I am feeling a lot happier. The last pic is of our fall fleece blanket. I made it for a display at a fabric store my mom and aunt worked at. It was on display for months and a lot of customers tried to buy it from me for way more than the fabric cost. That was such a big compliment to me but I loved it and told my mom not to sell it. The store provided the fabric and you made the display in exchange for eventually taking it home. Pretty cool huh?

Fall is in our home and already I feel more energized. I can't wait to really start seeing the changes outside. It's Fall!!!!!!


Mere said...

You know me...I'm a SUMMER girl!! But hey...fall and winter are right up there too!! I miss youuuu......

Love, Mere

Maria said...

I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of summer either - Fall is with out a doubt my favorite season!!! Love the cool weather, wearing warm sweaters and snuggling up with a blanket while watching a movie, drinking hot chocolate and tea just to warm up ... mmmmmm Fall's the best :-) Love your Fall decor!!!!

Antonia said...

Cute pics! I am soo happy summer is over. I can not wait until the cold weather comes and stays ALL day!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said... are really on top of this fall thing!