Friday, October 24, 2008

Children's Museum

Last night we went to the Children's Museum for trick or treating and Halloween fun. What we got was a wasted trip. We ended up taking my friend and her daughter and loved that part but the museum was SO crowded you couldn't walk and then they didn't have anything that was even worth being there. The trick or treating treats weren't even worth the effort to walk over to the tables.

So we packed up the kids and left. To make it up to them we stopped and got food and took it back to my friends house so they could all play. So we did enjoy the night just not the museum.

All the kids looked SO cute in their costumes though. You can't see it in this picture but Macie has fairy wings too.

On the way over there Macie said " Look Mommy! Boy and I are holding hands." ( yes they call him "boy" too. LOL) I glanced back and they were SO cute I reached over into the passengers seat and dug through my purse one handed to find my camera. Then the red light turned green and so I just had to randomly stick my hand with the camera back there and hope for the best. I actually caught it and even though it isn't focused I LOVE the pic. Last night I also discovered that hubby's GPS ROCKS!!!! :) I never would have found that place without it.

Today I am going to be insanely busy. Tomorrow is our Halloween party and I have SO much to do for it. Then we are going to my mom's sometime this week to do our trick or treating at her house and then on Halloween my brother-in-law is planning a party for the kids. I don't think we have ever done so much for Halloween before. Our calendar is packed. Don't get me wrong I love doing stuff with the kids but I am tired. Very very tired. Last night we didn't get home until 9:30. It is not easy getting 5 kids in and out of a minivan.


Antonia said...

Well, the museum did suck, but we had fun and the kids still had a ball! Of course, they looked cute in their costumes! :)

Can't wait to see you again tomorrow!!

Thanks again for picking us up!

Weren't you a lucky duck, you got that pic!

Lara said...

Well, their costumes are great! And i'm sure the kids had more fun than you did. Of course, it's always nice to have fun as the parent, too! :)

Good luck with your busy day tomorrow.