Thursday, October 23, 2008

Every year...

Every year I convince myself that I will be ready for colder days and nights. I tell myself that I still have time to purchase long sleeve shirts and jackets for my kids. Then every year it happens. All of a sudden it is freezing outside. That is when I start kicking myself for not being more prepared.

This morning is the perfect example. It is freezing outside and tonight it is supposed to get into the mid 40's. So now I am trying to get together all of the warm stuff I can. Tonight is our Children's Museum visit and it is going to be cold outside by the time we get back to the car. Plus we are also taking my niece so it will take us a little longer to get all the kids situated in the van.

I am kicking myself now but in my defense I did buy some super warm soft fuzzy fleece outfits for my kids. They can't wear them yet since it will not be quite cold enough tonight but I will be prepared on a few days. They are really cute and I hate fleece. These don't have the elastic bands on the sleeves or pant legs though so they look really cute and I got each piece for only $3.33 at Target this week. A super great deal for sure.

Now onto big jackets and other misc. pants and shirts. Oh and a pair of jeans and shoes for me as well today. I have been living in capris and sandals for the past 6 months so today there is going to be a little shopping going on.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Yeah, my winter wardrobe stinks....I hate winter so I am not a very good winter clothes shorts and t-shirts and tanks....all about that!

Antonia said...

I see how you are..going to take the complain about everything person with you, rather then me, huh??? okay then! LOL

I am sure the kids will have fun today! Be careful driving there! Stay warm!

Shawna said...

We are in the same situation here this week, it's only in the 40-50's during the day & it's in the 30's at night! I have a huge pile of clothes in my living room right now so I can put away the summer clothes and get all the kids warm clothes in their closets. Those fleece outfits sound cute, the girls need sweats for Red Ribbon week @ school next week so I'll have to check them out @ the new Target that opened up near me!