Thursday, October 30, 2008

So happy

To my dear sweet sweet friend... I absolutely LOVE my picture. It is now hanging with pride behind my computer desk. Thank you so much!!! And I am finally finishing the blanket I promised your child 3 years ago. She will be getting it for her birthday!

In other happy news I officially bought my first Christmas gifts yesterday. I knew that I wanted to get the girls a play doctor kit since nothing excites them more than giving everyone "shots" but when I looked online the cheapest ones I could find were $20 each. So I was thinking that they could share one as a joint gift. Well last night at Target I found the CUTEST doctor kit and knew I had to have it. The best part? When I pulled it down it was only $5 so I got them each their own.

It feels so good to start so early. Maybe this year I will really be on top of things. That would be rather nice since I have some pretty hefty goals for this holiday season.

Tomorrow is our Halloween party being thrown by my brother-in-law and then the holidays will really start. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Have I mentioned how much I love the holidays?


Antonia said...

I am glad you love your hanging, I knew you would!

The girls are gonna love the doctor kits!

About time on Alyssa's blanket!! Man!! Took you long

Have fun at the party :)

Stacia Howard said...

I love that hanging too!

Good for you getting on the gift thing! I have bought one gift & am THRILLED I got that. lol

Maria said...

Way to go!!! We've actually got a lot of our Christmas shopping done already and it really does feel good. Hoping it won't 'hurt' as much in Dec. if we chip away at it early.