Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cold! Cold! Cold!

I read that the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a colder than usual winter for us. Ever since I read that I have been holding out hope. So far so good.

I absolutely LOVE the cold. I'm not happy unless it is 65 or below which means that 90% of the year I am miserable. Last night it got down to 40 degrees and I loved it. I curled up under my comforter and an extra straight from the dryer blanket and slept SO good. Then this morning the cold temperatures continued so I decided to dress the kids in their sweatshirts. They all looked so cute especially the boy since his are a little bit big.

I am so happy in this type of weather. I keep grabbing the boy and snuggling up with him since he is so warm and cozy right now. Last night I layed all 3 of my babies to bed with flannel and fleece pajamas on. I think that may be my very favorite thing about the cold. How can anyone resist a baby or little kid in warm snuggly pajamas? We are supposed to get the cold temps again tonight so I am doing a happy dance today.


Sarah C. said...

Brr! I'm getting cold just thinking about it. We dropped into the 30s last night and should be just below freezing the next two. I'm more a "fair weather" kind of girl - I like the 70s. :)

The kids look adorable in their sweatshirts!

Antonia said...

This weather feels SOOO great!! I sure hope it stays for a looonnnggg time!!!

The kids are so cute! :)

Maria said...

Oh I SO agree with you! There's nothing sweeter than snuggling your child in super warm and cozy pj's :-) One of the few things I love about Winter ;-)

Stacia Howard said...

It is getting cold here too! I love the cool weather!
I can't get over how BIG the boy is getting!