Sunday, November 23, 2008

Challenge update

Yesterday I took the girls and went shopping for some much needed fall/winter clothes. All of them needed some long sleeve shirts. Instead of going to Target or Wal-Mart we hit our local Once Upon a Child which has to be my all time favorite place. It seriously rocks. There might be a location near you so check it out.

I found a pretty good amount of stuff. Then on the way home we stopped by a thrift store. I found the cutest dress for Macie for $1.60. It is the black long sleeve one with the flowers on it. It is a basic little dress and is perfect for putting pants under it this winter. Total score. So we ended up with 2 dresses and 5 shirts total.

It felt good to stick with my 30 day challenge. And it was FUN!!! I love going through the racks looking for the perfect stuff. So here is how the cost broke down:
* black and plaid dress-$3.50
* simple black and flower dress-$1.60
*pink shirt-$2.50
*Leopard print top-$1.50
*car print shirt-$2.50
*blue shirt-$3.50
*yellow long sleeve shirt-$2.50
Total-$17.60 plus tax

Not too bad. I sure couldn't have gone to the store and bought 2 dresses and 5 shirts for under $20. I also took my reusable shopping bags and remembered to use them in Once Upon a Child but when we were at the thrift store I totally zoned out because I was so tired and the girls were being pretty hyper. I realized it once I was in the car and had a plastic bag for just one little thing. I am still working on remembering it every time.

I still need to get Makayla and the boy a few more things. Macie is pretty set I think. Today I am going to continue to work on clearing things out. I am really enjoying this challenge.


Antonia said...

Cute clothes. It is funny Makayla only got one thing and she is the one in school! lol

Very great deals!!

Cassandra-ann said...

Wow , great deals and nice clothes!