Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I think I am about to take on a HUGE project. When we moved here I didn't know that for some reason the apartment didn't come with closet doors. Weird right? Well this has caused a HUGE problem in the kids room. None of their 1,254 outfits stay on the hangers. The kids go in there and try on 100 outfits a day and then just leave everything on the floor. It is impossible to keep it clean no matter how hard I try. I also have the added aggravation of waking up the boy when I am going into the kids closet to get school clothes out. He stays home with hubby in the mornings and I take Macie with me to drop Makayla off. We like the boy to sleep longer but it doesn't happen when I have to keep going in their closet. I try to set clothes out the night before but I usually forget socks or something.

Another thing is that I am horrible about putting the kids clothes away since I do most laundry folding at night and the kids are asleep. So it doesn't usually get done until weeks later. Basically this system just isn't working for us. So now on to my inspiration. I was reading some new blogs today and came across a great idea at Keesler Chaos. The family closet. Our closet is not as big as the kids but that just gives me no option other than to get rid of clutter and unnecessary stuff. I am nervous about this idea. I will have to seriously clean out our closet to make room for the kids stuff. If it works it will be great. The kids will be able to use their closet as a play room and everyone will be happy right? Let's hope so. Wish me luck. I may never emerge from the closets.


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Antonia said...

Why would you think you are crazy?? We already know you are crazy! LOL!!

No, that sounds like a great idea!

Maby said...

Wow! good luck with that project! my kids have way too much clothes (as do we)so that won't work for us LOL but I'd love to see the before and after pics!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Good luck...hope it works for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!