Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Interesting morning

This morning the girls woke up at 5:00 a.m. Macie never went back to sleep but Makayla did because she said her head was hurting her really bad and she felt a little bit hot. So I got up around 7:00 and Macie and I made a big breakfast. We cooked turkey bacon, toast and 3 different kinds of eggs. When I went to wake up Makayla to eat she was so red and still grabbing her little head.

So I took her temp and gave her some Ibuprofen and told her to lay back down if she wanted to. Well she got up and wanted her toast and I gave her a little bit of Coke to help with her headache because sometimes caffeine works miracles when your head hurts. Not even 5 minutes later she was vomiting. She was SO upset over that so I had to get her in the bathtub while her brother and sister finished eating breakfast.

She is feeling a lot better now. I think she just ate something that didn't sit well with her and the headache and 101.8 temp is something else. For now the Ibuprofen is working. She is watching a movie and drinking a little more coke. It's a good thing I still have a few sippy cups in the house. We hardly ever use them anymore but man they come in handy when you have a sick kid that needs to lay down.

I hope she gets better by later today. I would hate for her to miss school tomorrow. Luckily she is out today because of the elections. It makes me so sad when my babies are miserable.


Shawna said...

Oh poor Makayla, hope she feels better soon! I'm not sure what caused Kelsie's vomiting, I can only guess she ate something that didn't agree with her tummy too.

Antonia said...

Little Makayla.. aww.. :) I hope she feels better soon!

Stacia Howard said...

Hope MaKayla is feeling better!
She was out of school for the election? Wow! Lucky girl! I better not tell Ryker or he will be upset! lol