Monday, November 03, 2008

Nothing too exciting

Now that Halloween is over it is time to focus on the more stressful holidays. This year I am hoping to enjoy the holidays instead of stressing over them. I have already marked 5 things for the kids off my Christmas list. Every week when I get paid(I babysit for a close friend) I am buying gifts. This way I will get ahead and not be tempted to spend money on things I want for myself. It is looking like I will be done with the kids by Thanksgiving.

We will see how it all turns out but so far so good. I am marking things off like crazy. The other night I bought them new pajamas because they needed some warmer ones. Now we are all covered for any type of weather we get. Being the wonderful mom I am I bribed them with candy to get my new blog header. They were pretty cooperative when I mentioned candy.

I have been cleaning like crazy and the other day I decided to rearrange the kids room. I think I am really loving it now and the kids are enjoying it too. I will post pics soon. That is our little update today. Nothing too terribly exciting. Hope you all had a terrific weekend.


Shawna said...

I need to start my Christmas shopping soon, I planned to use the daycare $$ I get from my SIL too but I haven't had my niece the normal number of days lately due to vacation days & kids being out of school so hopefully I can start next week. I don't want to be stressing at the last minute either this year!

Cassandra-ann said...

What a great idea, you are so organised, i havent even written a list LOL....

Antonia said...

You can't think of holidays being stressful, or else they will be! Think happy thoughts! :)

Good luck on getting all your shopping done early!

What kind of mother are you, bribing your children?? Maybe like all other mothers! lol.. Cute pic!