Monday, December 01, 2008

An early Christmas for me

The other night the girls and I went to run a few errands and we stopped by my in-laws since my mother-in-law said I could take my Kitchen Aid mixer home before Christmas. I was so excited to get it home. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I haven't used it yet but I plan on making these today. We are also doing our Christmas tree tonight. The kids are bouncing around like crazy because they are so excited to get the tree up.

I also got my birds from Etsy the other day. I LOVE them. You can find the seller here. And a HUGE thanks to my best friend for my Santa apron. I can't wait to wear it today. So it has been an early Christmas for me so far. I am loving everything and I seriously can't stop smiling over all of this stuff. I also found some cute cookie tins for $.50 each at our local resale shop. They are perfect for holding all of my holiday baked goodies. Not a bad week for me. I have been resisting the urge to buy new stuff for myself. I really haven't had a hard time with it at all. I love the thrill of the hunt when looking for something specific at a resale shop.

Tonight is going to be a great time. It is our first day using our advent calendar and then we will put on Christmas music, decorate our tree and house and eat my freshly baked from scratch oatmeal cookies. Not a bad way to spend an evening is it?

My Kitchen Aid mixer. The attachments were all in the dishwasher when I took the pic.

My absolutely adorable Etsy birdies. They light up the living room. I have them hanging on the outside of the kids door frame.

My Santa apron. Can't wait to bake all my holiday goodies while wearing it. You rock Toni!

My cookie tins from the thrift store. 2 are Christmas and the other one I can use year round.


linda said...

Oh you will love love love your kitchenaid.. I use mine almost on a daily basis.. I am hoping to get the ice cream maker for mine this year..

Shawna said...

We are decorating our tree tonight also! The tree is already up but it's completely bare right now!

And yay for the new KA mixer! I'd love to have one, especially after making a ton of cookies and muffins the day before Thanksgiving with my lil hand mixer!

EatCrayons said...

Yay for KitchenAid mixers! Wait..your attachments were in the dishwasher? I thought that was a no-no? I've so been craving oatmeal cookies, yummy!

I wish we were putting up our tree soon. I can remember the excitement your kids are feeling today. :)

Love, love the etsy birdies!

Antonia said...

The birds are cute! I know you will have a great time using your mixer! You are so welcome for the apron.

I was so happy to see ya again!! This week I am off tomorrow and Thursday.

Have fun, save cookies for us :P

Stacia Howard said...

Good for you! Glad you can use your KA for all of your holiday baking! I love the birdies & apron! Cute! Have putting up the tree! Call me!