Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The long list of stuff

Well my baby is feeling a lot better today. Last night he was able to keep down some Pedialyte and a well balanced dinner of saltine crackers. Then he threw up a little in the middle of the night so I brought his playpen into our room and he spent the rest of the night in there with us.

After I made dinner last night the girls said they didn't feel good either and only wanted to eat crackers. I didn't want to take any chances because there have been several times when I didn't believe the girls and they ended up not keeping their food down. So I let them eat their dinner of crackers. I ate in the living room and they went into my room to eat while watching Bee Movie. I came in to find this. Notice that they put a towel in front of the boy in case he needed it. LOL. This just cracks me up and I think this is my new favorite photo.

Today my baby boy is running around happy with sippy cups full of Pedialyte. I am making sure I kill any remaining germs today. ALL of our blankets are going in the wash. I have already done 7 loads of clothes/blankets/towels since yesterday. Today will be another day of laundry but at least I know I am sanitizing all those nasty stomach bug germs. I also have to make 5 dozen cookies today for a cookie exchange party tomorrow. So basically today I will be busy, busy, busy. I am also hoping to scrap a little tonight.

As hectic as it all is I must admit I love the craziness of this time of year. This is a good thing seeing as how my to-do list is longer than Santa's Naughty/Nice list.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Sick kids....it just breaks my heart! Glad to hear that he if feeling better!

Dawn said...

I hope they are all feeling ok tonight! How cute is that picture!

Antonia said...

The girls are so sweet to think about Mason :)

Cookie exchange, at school? If so, that is really odd that they are letting the kids bring homemade cookies to school.