Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kids Room part 1

I worked all day yesterday getting the kids room finished and the girls beds up. While I was putting together the beds I realized that a couple of the very important parts had been lost during the move. So we ran to Lowe's only to be told that no one carries those parts.

Thankfully I have an uncle who can do anything with wood and/or tools. I was able to buy some parts that didn't quite fit and he cut them down and they fit exactly how they are supposed to now. Then we went out to eat with my aunt and other uncle. We had a pretty fun day. After school we went to our neighbors and the kids played hard together while the guys worked on their cars and we just talked. It was really fun.

I love that we have neighbors that are so much like us and have kids the exact same ages as ours. Our kids don't even fight. They just play like crazy and then my kids cry when it is time to leave. I can see some long lasting friendships in the making here.

I will have more pics of the kids room soon but my camera batteries died. This is the boys bed and his side of the room. It is all coming together exactly how I pictured it. I really have the spring cleaning bug. I knew I had it yesterday but today all I have wanted to do is clean and organize. I don't even feel like crocheting or scrapping. I am on a mission. I bought a bottle of laundry detergent about a week ago that does 36 loads. It is now gone. I have done that much catching up on laundry and I have also been washing bed skirts,blankets from winter,etc.

Today looks like another gorgeous day outside. I have to run to the store in a little while but then I am coming home to do more cleaning. It's amazing how the house stays cleaner once everything is organized isn't it?


Cassandra-ann said...

YES YES YES once its organised it stays cleaner, but in my house thats only till some lovely little person undoes my organisation lol. So far it looks great! cant wait to see the rest if the pics

Antonia said...

Yep, it would be nice to have the apt stay clean for more then 5 mins! lol

Stacia Howard said...

I miss you April!

William said...
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