Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine party prep

Everything you need for a great Valentines party is shown here.

* Crackers and cheese for class party as asked for on note sent home

* Chocolate heart box and Valentine card for a fantastic teacher

* Hannah Montana Valentine cards for classmates and friends

* And of course new shirts for Valentines

Tomorrow is Makayla's class Valentine party. I am chaperoning again and Macie is also coming. The school encourages siblings of the students to come in for parties. I love it because even though there aren't any nut allergies in Makayla's class her teacher always sends home a paper for parties stating that there is a PA child in the class in case Macie comes. She is so awesome and yes I have already made sure that we can request her for Macie's teacher when she goes to school.

The parties are always so cute. I just love seeing my baby talking and playing with her classmates. Then tomorrow night I am letting them have a slumber party with their cousin. They have slept over with their cousin about 9,000 times since they have been born but they kept asking for a SLUMBER PARTY so I caved and we are going to do spa stuff and all that.

I can't wait until Valentines Day!! My bestfriend is getting married ( Hi Toni!!) and then hubby and I get an entire night out to ourselves. We have reservations at an upscale restaurant that I had to find a great new dress for( I LOVE IT) and we get to just enjoy ourselves quietly while eating great food, drinking a bottle of wine and talking about something other than kids poking eyes out and such.

I think Valentines is going to be great this year.


Antonia said...

Hi April :)

Yes, it sounds like a wonderful valentine's for everybody! I can't wait! Why is Makayla's class having the party tomorrow?

Ak's isn't until Friday, which doesn't matter anyway, cause I have to be at work, yet again! Maybe one party I can go to before school is out! haha...

linda said...

Sounds like a great Valentines.. Our class party is on Friday and I think that I will send in some cheese and crackers.. What a great idea..

Stacia Howard said...

Sounds like she has a really sweet teacher to include Macie's allergies. Hope yall have fun! And you and the hubby have a great valentines! Miss you!

Maria said...

Definitely the makings of a great V-day party!!!! That sounds like a pretty amazing teacher!