Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy little tomato buyers

Today we have been super lazy. We were bored as could be but still sick so we just relaxed at home. I took the girls out to buy our tomato plants though. They were so excited. We ended up buying 2 tomato plants and 2 large bags of organic soil/fertilizer. Tonight I have to go pick up 2 tomato cages from my mom and then we will hopefully plant them tomorrow.

We choose a tomato that has a higher yield than others so hopefully Macie will have tons of yummy home grown tomatoes to eat this year.

Macie gets really upset if she is facing the sun which is why she is trying to block her face in the first picture. I tried to get a good one of her holding her plant but yet again the sun was just too much for her. Like mother like daughter.

I have some excited little gardeners on my hands right now. Let's hope the tomatoes are a success this year. If they are then next year we are going to be thinking a lot bigger in terms of a garden.


Mere said...

Good luck on your tomatoes!!

Love, Mere

Maria said...

oh fun! I can hardly wait till it's warm enough here to get some tomato plants!

Antonia said...

Hot sticky tomatoe kid on the way! lol