Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yard progress

Things have not changed around here. Antibiotics are a joke and we are all still suffering. I did manage to go outside this evening and try to clean up the boxes and trash that have been scattered in our backyard since we moved in. The backyard has so much potential. We have a huge patio with a deck and even though the yard itself is rather small it is still perfect for our needs.

I meant to post about it when we first moved in but I never got around to it. So tonight I took some pictures to share. I am going to start getting it ready for time spent outside. I am so excited about the plans we have.

The round metal container was here when we moved in. Right now there is a bunch of junk in it but it will soon become Macie's tomato pot. She is SO excited.

And on the other side of the deck (not pictured) is a counter with a running sink and faucet. The previous tenant was a carpenter and added all sorts of neat stuff to the house. It will be perfect for entertaining. So here it is. Please keep in mind that the grass has not been mowed since we moved in almost 4 months ago. The front yard has though.

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