Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sick, Sick and Sick

Hubby has pneumonia. Kids have sinus infections. And I have...well I'm not really sure what I have but it isn't pretty.

Tonight I have some new reading material for while I am waiting for the Nyquil to kick in.

I think I am going to go pass out now. What a wonderful dream it would be if I could be in bed by 8:00 tonight.


linda said...

Hope that you are all feeling better soon..

Maria said...

oh man, that sounds rough! I hope you're all feeling better real soon!

Sarah C. said...

Sorry to hear you are all under the weather. Sending lots of good health vibes and virtual chicken soup. Feel better soon!

Stacia Howard said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling better! Love ya girl!

Antonia said...

What's new? lol

Good better!