Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Just some random thoughts

I just want to say THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments about my blanket yesterday. You guys really made my day. I feel motivated to finish it now. The Easter bunny usually leaves the kids baskets on the couch and I would love to be able to get photos of their baskets with the blanket I made our family behind them. So thank you so much for giving me that final kick to get it done. I am thinking tonight I will sit on my bed with a crochet hook in my hand while I watch my latest Netflix movies.

I have been thinking a lot about how I want our house to be. We love it here so much. We don't plan on leaving anytime soon. So I want to make this our little haven completely. This house just fits us perfectly. I have so many plans and projects going on. This summer I hope to get started with them all. I have found so much inspiration on the web and I just can't wait to apply it all.

I have also started rethinking my goal to live simply. Somehow I always get caught up in the need for more. I hate that I do this so I started thinking about it harder. I realized that I am much happier when I walk out of a resale shop or thrift store with stuff that I am really thrilled about versus walking out of Target with something I love but that I paid a small fortune for. So I am going to remind myself of this often.

I will be back soon with final pics of the blanket and other stuff. I haven't been picking up my camera much lately for some reason. I am sure Easter will change all that though.


Maria said...

We're making an effort to live more simply too - some how we always start off great and then lose momentum and get back into the same trap of wanting to buy more and more. Thanks for the reminder :-)

Stacia Howard said...

I just started thrifitng again and I LOVE it! Wish we lived by each other.

Antonia said...

Good luck on all you do! There is no shame what so ever on buying thrift :) Saves so much money that way!