Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My sweet little green girl

A long time ago I found a quote online that said " How we treat the creation shows how we feel about the creator." From that moment on I decided to become more aware of ways to help the environment.

I started with baby steps and bought a few re-usable shopping bags. Now I have a ton of them and I LOVE using them. They hold so much and I always feel good knowing that all the plastic bags I would have used are not going into the landfills.

A few months ago I found the cutest little Barbie re-usable shopping bags for the girls at a resale shop for $1.50 each. I bought each of the girls one.

Today we had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some more fruit and a few other things and I remembered to bring Macie's bag. The kids know that we don't like to use plastic but I never really explained why to them. So today I sat down and talked briefly with Macie about why plastic isn't good.

She is a major nature lover so she took to it right away. On the way there she exclaimed " Mommy! I am going to tell that lady when we pay that we never use plastic because we want to save birdies." She is the sweetest little green girl. She just loves nature.

I feel so good knowing that I am teaching my kids how to be more aware of our planet. We are slowly making changes to go more green and it feels GREAT!! What are you doing that is green?


Stacia Howard said...

aww that is too sweet! She seems like she has such a tender heart. I just started buying the reusable bags, Im going to have to remember to get them out of the car though! lol

Beka said...

I totally love my resuable shopping bags, I have probably 15 from different stores. I use them for everything, and I love em!!

Also, I hung a clothesline to dry the clothes instead of running the dryer all the time. I only run the dryer every 3 loads now. (I don't hang personals lol).

We keep the windows open throughout the day and it has been so nice lately!

Keep up the great work, every little bit helps.

Ariana said...

I love that picture of her. She does look so happy to be helping the Earth.

I think you already know what I do to be green since I've mentioned stuff on my blog. lol

I LOVE your granny square blanket in the post below! It's SO happy. You really did a great job and I can't wait to see the end result :)

linda said...

We use resuable shopping bags, we use LED bulbs, we also open the doors and windows whenever possible, we recycle alot of items and donate to goodwill at least once a month

Antonia said...

LOL!I got the same bag for free when Barbie came to Walmart :)

That's good you are teaching the kids what is good for the earth!

Cute picture of Macie too!

Sarah C. said...

How wonderful! And such a cute photo. :)

We also use reusable shopping bags. I love them - they hold so much more and are far more comfortable to carry that that icky plastic cutting into your hands. Other small things we do are recycle, try to limit our water usage, turn out the lights when we leave a room, etc.

Candy Hart said...

Your daughter looks so sweet!! We try to make a game out of recycling at home, Raashida LOVES it!! it never hurts to start them young! Have a happy Easter!