Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Calm evening

I am in physical therapy for my knee almost every day now. Two years ago I dislocated my right knee and it never healed right. My knee cap was actually UNDER my knee. Yes it hurt more than labor and childbirth in case you were wondering. Anyway...during the accident that knee hit the dashboard and now I have even more damage to it. My MRI showed some tearing from the accident and some arthritis from when it happened 2 years ago. So now I am attending physical therapy which my attorney set up so I don't have to pay anything right now. He will add it to my settlement. So my days are pretty booked.

Tomorrow I don't have to go to therapy so I have to cover every other errand on my list. My day will be non stop. Tonight our home was slower paced and so I took a few pics to remember that it isn't always crazy around here. After the kids all had their bath I put a movie on for the boy to watch while his sisters did homework. He choose Ice Age which is always a popular choice around here.

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