Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Introducing....our living room

I promised a while back that I would share pics of my living room since I added a bunch of stuff to it. This isn't every corner of it because to be honest not every corner is clean right now but I wanted to show the new things I did and what it basically looks like right now. Here is a list of what I changed recently.

New rug: This is a braided rug from JcPenney and cost me a fortune. I plan on having it until I am an old lady.

New quilt: On the sofa is the new quilt I bought from Walmart online. I fell instantly in love with it and had to have it.

New curtains from Target

Quilt rack: Found on Craigslist for $15!!

New baskets for books/toys

Work in progress crocheted afghan on the back of the love seat

My " Keep Calm and Carry On" poster which I LOVE!! Found on Etsy.

I absolutely LOVE our living room now. When it is dark outside and the lamps are all on it produces such a warm and welcoming glow.This is finally how I wanted this house to look. All it took was some splurging and now I am done. ( Well done for the most part anyway.)

Oh and in the photo with the red coffee table it looks like I just threw the red in but I didn't. There is a ton of red in every corner of the living room. You just can't tell because of all the teal I have on that side but believe me it all blends.

So here it is: My living room in it's finished state!!


Candy Hart said...

that's beautiful! Theres nothing like finishing a room!! I need to get back to work on my rooms but with a broken leg, its kind of hard but you have truly inspired me!

Sarah C. said...

Looks beautiful & cozy. :)