Sunday, November 01, 2009

The boy saved our city and the girls lived happily ever after

Our Halloween was very interesting. It started with us getting our van back only to learn that the $700 we just paid to fix it didn't matter at all. That wasn't the problem. So basically we flushed $700 down the toilet. I ended up having to use my father-in-laws car to get to my moms while he looked at the van. We went to see my family and then we went back to the in-laws. We had a blast. My brother-in-law got my niece a Wii for her birthday and my mother-in-law and I played an insane amount of bowling games. It was so fun. That Wii sure is addicting.

My aunt made the kids costumes again this year. The girls wanted to be princesses and the boy wanted to be Batman. She even got the girls high heel princess shoes and crowns from the Bridal department in craft stores. They were AWESOME!! Macie's wouldn't stay on though so we had to put a headband under it so it wouldn't slide. It ended up being a great Halloween. The last pic is my niece. She was so excited to be giving candy to trick or treaters. So sweet!! Her and I share the same birthday too. I love that kid.


Antonia said...

All the kids looked cute in their costumes.

wow.. $700 wasted.. that would have made me cry.

Candy Hart said...

Oh I love Halloween!! The kids always look so cute!!