Friday, November 06, 2009

Crochet Happiness

Yesterday I had an idea pop into my head in the early morning. I decided that for Christmas this year I am going to make the girls a blanket for their baby dolls. Then I decided to make the boy one for McDonald's. So now I am working on 3 adorable sized doll/stuffed animal blankets for Christmas. They are so fun. I am using the not so soft yarn for theirs.

There are several reasons for that. The first being is that it is cheaper. But the main reason is that it holds up better. You can wash it over and over again. So they will be super durable.

You can see in the pic that I have started on the boys. Those little squares of blue, green and brown happiness. You can also see my granny square blanket. I took a break from it for a while but now I am back and loving it once again. There is a lot of hooky happiness going on in my little part of the world. I work on my projects before bed each night while hubby is playing his game. I miss scrapping and know that I will eventually get back to it but right now my heart belongs to my crochet hook. There are lots of Christmas presents coming out of our home this year that will be hand made ( as long as time allows it).

Are you planning on making any gifts this year?


Anonymous said...

wow, those colours look great together!
We are always having handmade holidays, it helps to slow down those crazy weeks of celebrations.
I can't tell you what we are making those, it's all secrets.. ;)

Antonia said...

Don't ditch your scrapping..wait..ditch it.. then you can hand over all your stuff to me! hahaha

Nope, I don't think I am making anything for anybody.

I'm sure the kids are gonna go crazy when they open the gifts you made them! They will cherish them forever :)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

They look great!

I will not be making any this year or probably ever because I am so NOT creative or artistic.

linda said...

I am planning on making a calendar, altering some clocks and making sets of notecards

Candy Hart said...

Christmas gifts?! I barely have the halloween stuff put up!! You are way to organized :)

Making gifts is something we do each year. We have since we were little. Course they get better with age, but it still comes from the heart and that is what counts!