Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh how I love him!

For the past two years or so I have had a nightly ritual. I take my shower, get into my pjs and then crawl into bed. I then proceed to turn on the t.v and watch several episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond on DVD. It is my all time favorite comedy and I never get tired of watching them. I do this every single night. Two months ago during a thunderstorm our lights went out for about 30 seconds. After that the t.v would not turn on at all. So we have been without a t.v for roughly two months. It has been a nightmare for me. We watch our movies on the computer still but hubby goes to bed way later than I do. While he is up he plays World of Warcraft on the computer so I can't watch anything. Like I said....nightmare for me.

We have priced t.v's lately and we still weren't sure which way we were gonna go or when. Hubby called me today and told me to go to the shop next to his work and pick up two things. Those two items?? An awesome LCD flat screen t.v and a DVD/VCR combo. Oh how I love that man. Seriously rocks my world. This is an awesome t.v. We have never had a flat screen t.v before. YAHOO!!!! I haven't measured it yet but it is slightly bigger than our last one which was a 20 inch screen I believe. I am beyond thrilled knowing that I get to return to my routine tonight. What a happy surprise for us. Have I mentioned that I love that man?


Sarah C. said...

What an awesome surprise!! Have you hooked it all up yet? :D

Antonia said...

Wow! that's great! congrats on your new tv!!!!!

Candy Hart said...

WOW that is great!! I love my flat screen TV - only because I don't have a man right now to love!!!