Monday, November 16, 2009

Relaxing and Fun

Weekends aren't usually my favorite days. With all 3 of the kids home they are usually completely chaotic and stressful. But this one was great. My mom took Macie for the weekend on Saturday morning. Then I went and did our weekly grocery shopping with Makayla and the boy. We stopped and had lunch at McDonald's and the kids got to play. Later I went out by myself and picked up a few Christmas gifts for the kids. We just hung out and relaxed the whole day.

On Sunday hubby ended up with the day off. Before lunch we cuddled together on the couch while watching Sharkboy and Lavagirl with the kids. For lunch we ordered a highly nutritious meal of pizza, boneless buffalo wings, breadsticks and cinnasticks from Pizza Hut. Later we went and picked up Macie and then headed to our friends birthday party. After that we made it back home again and then off to bed for the kiddos. So to sum it all up this weekend was a ton of fun. I love just hanging out with my little family:)

And yes I am well aware that I have not taken any pics of my girls lately. They are sneaky little things.


Antonia said...

Great cute picture of Mason!!!

I'm glad ya came, I hope the kids had a good time!

The pizza made me hungry.. thanks hoe! haha

oceans5 said...

I'm glad we went. I miss you guys like crazy. :)

Candy Hart said...

That is an awesome end to a weekend!! Sounds like you guys are really happy!