Tuesday, December 08, 2009


This year I have spent more on the kids than any other year. My planned budget was around $375. That got blown out of the water rather quickly especially if you include the Wii. Every year I feel guilty about not spending enough or I feel guilty about buying too much. It never fails. Every year I put myself through that.

I worry that I am focusing too much on the gift giving part of the season or I worry that I am not giving my kids as much as I should. This year I am not going to feel guilty about any of it. I am going to sit back and enjoy this time with my family.

I am going to focus on activities and time spent together. On Christmas morning I am going to watch my kiddos open all their gifts from us and Santa and I am going to enjoy it. I started buying little gifts here and there since early November. I would take $10 or so out of grocery money each week to make a dent in the list. The girls asked for Barbies this year. Barbies they will get. They were really excited and it was the one thing they REALLY wanted. Barbies are not cheap. Every year our budget keeps going up because as our kids get older the stuff they want gets more expensive. I am ok with that though.

Our family traditions are so special. Since my first Christmas my family has always done a fantastic balance of the real meaning of Christmas and the gift giving. The tree at my grandmas house every year has so many packages under it that they expand to cover the entire 10 foot wide wall it is against. There are 7 adults and then my 3 kids that celebrate this tradition every year. That is a LOT of gifts. But it NEVER feels like it is about the gifts. It is about the magic.
So this year I am not feeling guilty. I am feeling blessed that we are able to give our kids the gifts they want. The kids and I are reading and talking about the real meaning of Christmas every single night. There is not a focus on the gifts even though we have spent an insane amount of money on them this year.

It is possible to balance the gifts and real focus of the season. We do it every single year. And this year I am not allowing myself to have one moments pause.


Antonia said...

You shouldn't feel guilty one bit about anything. :) Yes, even the
45 barbies are expensive these days.

Your kids will love evrything they get this year! Love you hoe!

Maria said...

Good for you!!! Don't feel guilty, just enjoy!!!!! :-) We did more for our kids this year than we usually do (more than we should, more than we could afford) and it was really bugging me, but I've decided to just let it go and enjoy!

Candy Hart said...

Wow - that is a deep post!! You are right, i think everyone feels guilty around the holiday time for not having enough or having to much. Either way - I think the kids really do enjoy it. Who can feel guilty while your watching them rip open boxes and bags? Its really a lot of fun!!