Wednesday, December 09, 2009


...Because my hubby is physically incapable of waiting till Christmas to give a gift.
...Because we didn't want the kids to be overwhelmed on Christmas morning.
...Because technically it will not count as a Christmas gift and therefore my budget isn't blown near as much.
...Because I caved when hubby suggested it.
...Because I was just too dang excited.
...Because it will help with boredom during Christmas break.

This was the scene at our house last night. I can't help it. We're weak. But seriously....this so doesn't count as money spent for Christmas. :)

Oh and my arms are sore. Really sore. Wii boxing will do that to you.


Ariana said...

So cute how happy they look. I've been thinking about buying one for Allan for Christmas.
Has your husband tried it? If he did did he like it?

oceans5 said...

My husband refuses to play it. LOL. He is always playing WOW on the comp. and so he keeps saying he isn't going to get into it. My father-in-law plays the one at their house and we all have fun with it. My MIL and I played a tournament on Thanksgiving with several of her friends. SO FUN!!

I played everything last night and the boxing was awesome. I am SO sore this morning. I am sure Allan would love it.:)

Antonia said...

wow.. those are such not good excuses! lol!! But yes, they do all look so happy!

Candy Hart said...

That is awesome!! We used to get to open one present early to. Ours was usually something small though!! Those smiles are so worth it arent they?!

Does your son play it? I'm worried Raashida might be to young for it.

linda said...

We love the Wii, I got the boys Wii resort for Christmas and may break down and get them Toy Story Mania. Some favorite games are ratatouille, diego, Night at the Museum 2, and Mario Kart