Friday, December 11, 2009

Wrapping paper, boxes and bows

The wrapping has officially started and I am very happy to say that it is almost done. I do still have to wrap the gifts from Santa and then haul them up to the attic. I am SO grateful for an attic this year. Past years I have had to hide Santa gifts at my aunt's house and pick them up the day before. Then when we got home from my grandma's on Christmas Eve at 9:00 I had to wrap them all. I would never get done until midnight or later and then the kids would wake up 6.5 hours later. This year it will all be ready to go. All we will have to do on Christmas Eve is pull them down from the attic and stuff the stockings!! Yippee!!!

I am really loving all of the presents under the tree. So cozy and festive. Can you believe we only have 2 weeks left?


linda said...

My iittle guy is counting down the minutes until Santa arrives. I am almost ready, most of the gifts are wrapped. Next week is going to be insane at school.

Antonia said...

It is always nice to have that extra hiding space for everything. I hope you get things done soon!

Candy Hart said...

Amen on the official start of wrapping! I took all the presents to moms and shes helping me wrap and hide them. Thanks for the toys r us tip - I sent Clintus there and he found it!!

This is really the first year Raashida is getting into the whole idea of Christmas - still won't talk to Santa, but she sure does know he brings toys!!!