Sunday, December 27, 2009


I had hoped that after Christmas I would be posting about how calm it was in the house. About how well the kids were playing together and getting along. Well I am sorry to say there will be no post. I COULD do an entire post about how often my kids try to rip each others throats out or how the sharing of one toy very quickly becomes an all out fight to the death.

Last year the kids were amazing the entire holiday. They played well together and shared. It was like little aliens had invaded their bodies. Well the aliens have returned to their home planet this year so it looks like I am out of luck. There have been fleeting moments of play where they all came together peacefully but those moments have been so far in between that my head feels like it is going to explode.

The favorite gift this year was the Barbie camper that Santa left. It has been a HUGE hit with all THREE of them. The boy loves to have Batman drive it and the girls of course do not appreciate that. In all honesty I think I learned that it would have made my life easier to shell out another $80 so they would have two instead of having to share that particular gift. But they are incredibly happy with it and the sharing is starting to get a little bit better. It is the neatest gift I think I have ever seen too. I mean this thing is awesome!!

I am taking the tree down today and I must admit that there is a feeling of relief. I LOVE Christmas. It is by far my favorite holiday however I am always a little relieved to pack it up and continue on with our normal every day lives. So by tonight everything Christmas decorating related will be in the attic.

I hope you all are enjoying some peace and quiet in your home today. As for me.......well Batman just attacked the roof of the pink camper and apparently there is a riot being staged. Need to go break that up. Wish me luck.


Candy Hart said...

That camper is totally cool!! Makes me kind of wish I still played with barbie!! Its also nice that batman can drive it when his batmobile is in the shop!!

Antonia said...

Kids will learn how to share.. one day! haha

And no, calm does not explain your house right now. haha