Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Links

I wanted to do a quick post about a few of the gifts the kiddos are getting this year. They are going to be receiving some pretty neat stuff. Here are just a few links. The girls are getting this to share. Although they might just have to share with Mommy too.:) The boy is getting this and this. SO FUN!! I am loving everything I have gotten so far. I have the list all written out. Now if I can just finish it.

And the best gift of all which was decided by my hubby the other day............. A Wii for the whole family!!!! I am so excited. I have been wearing on him for months over that and then the other day he decided we should do it!!! Yippee!!!!


Antonia said...

wow.. the kids are gonna have a wonderful Christmas!!! :)

It was weird.. when I clicked on the first link, I Saw the wii.. but then after I read the whole blog, I clicked on it again, then it took me to the barbie thing.. lol

Candy Hart said...

those are awesome gifts!! I have my list but it seems I always wait until the last minute and then i end up running around like a chicken!! But that is always a fun thing for me to do!!

linda said...

great gifts. We got a Wii this summer and love it. Makes for some great family game nights

Beka said...

The Kiddos will love the Wii!! Be sure to buy the Wii Play when you go to get a second controller because you get a game and a controller for 50 instead of a controller for 40!!