Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pajama Day!

Today was pajama day at school. The girls could not have been happier. They got to watch Polar Express and drink hot chocolate while kicking back in pj's. Even the teachers wore pjs. How awesome is that? They had a blast.

I made cookies for them so when they came home they would have a fun snack to top off their day. Have I mentioned this month how much I heart my Kitchen Aid mixer? Cause I do. I really really do. :) Other than that a pretty low key day. The girls Christmas parties are tomorrow. So much excitement at school this week. The boy wants to be in school so bad already. He still has a few years to go and it is already breaking my heart at the thought of him being a Kindergartner.

Here are my fleece pajama wearing girls.

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Antonia said...

You heart your mixer? Wow! Only a true crazy baker would say that. haha :) Such small things bring you so much joy, huh?

Girls look cute in the picture! The cookies look yummy!