Monday, February 01, 2010

Being Prepared

I like to be prepared. Being caught off guard doesn't sit well with me. Hubby is pretty much the opposite. He takes whatever comes his way and doesn't really worry much about the future. After a few conversations we decided to start building up a stockpile of food. My reason for this varies. I want a full pantry so I always have something to make and I want a good stockpile so we aren't ever caught in a situation where we have to stay home due to an emergency situation without food.

My grocery store has been having an insane sale on several things we use constantly. I got the mac-n-cheese for $.50 each and the Goldfish for $.88 each. You can't see it in the photo but there are also about 15 packages of spaghetti under the other noodles. I am only buying stuff I know we will eat and rotate through. This is just the start of our stockpile. We decided to take a couple hundred extra dollars and get a head start.

Like I said I am big on being prepared. I am also making an emergency kit. This will include flashlights, first aid kit, water, small snacks, change of clothes, etc. The kit is for in case we have to leave quickly in our car for some reason. We would have everything we need right there available. I am going to do other posts about being prepared as the kit is completed, food stocked up in the shelves, etc. I do think it is very important to be ready. And believe me it is worth it. I have been through a flood( 2 feet of water in our home) and numerous hurricanes. With a family to care for I feel like it is the only smart thing to do. You can always use up your stockpile before it goes bad. I checked the pasta for dates in 2012 or even 2013. That way I don't have to worry about it going bad before we eat 20 pounds of pasta.

Do you have an emergency stockpile? What else do you do to be prepared?


Moderate Means said...

No emergency stockpile yet but it's in the plans. I want to start with a car kit - wool blankets, hats, etc.

Post your progress - I would love the inspiration :)

Candy Hart said...

Wow you are really getting prepared! You don't know about something the rest of us don't do you?! Its a great idea though!

Antonia said...

Great idea and great stuff so far! I would like to get a first aid kit. I also know if I start buying stuff right now, it probably wont be there when we need it. We dont have a lot of storage, but I will start at the first sign/warning! I know God will take care of us and provide for what we need.