Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Game Plan

The last few days in our home have been anything but peaceful. We have been dealing with anger in one child. Severe tantrums in another and on top of all that our kitchen sink has been clogged and completely out of order for over a week.

Let me tell you that I have spent an insane amount of money eating out every day for lunch and dinner. The landlord is fixing it but it isn't done yet. Not a very good week for us.

When my kids come home they are so tired that they can't stop picking fights with one another. It is pure chaos from the moment the van door closes at school to the moment the last child asleep shuts their eyes.

I have been trying to figure out ways to give them (and me) a little peace during the late afternoon and evening hours.

This is my game plan. A bean bag, new books, a puzzle and a card game. I am hoping that the beanbag will be a good way for a child to go off to the side alone and get some time to themselves. They can read, play quietly or just relax. The games should help them with boredom. If all goes well we will be adding more stuff to the game plan but for now I am starting small. If we don't get some peace in our home soon I am going to loose my mind.

ETA: The school nurse just called me and said Makayla is miserable and in her office. I kept her home yesterday with a low grade fever and coughing. Now she is feeling worse so I need to go get her. When will life slow down to a calming pace?


Maria said...

We have weeks like too, when everyone seems low on patience and no one is getting along. I hate weeks like that! I hope this week is going better! Hang in there!

Antonia said...

With 3 kids, you shouldnt ever expect peace.. ever! haha. I hope things calm down. Maybe it will be better in the summer time.

I think it is so weird how you said your kids are tired, but yet they wake up at the crack of dawn, no matter what day it is and never want to go to bed. lol

I do hope your game plan works out for you!

Candy Hart said...

That sounds like my house!! The game plan should work - keeping them busy and apart is always a good thing!!