Thursday, February 04, 2010


This was the last picture I took right before my camera broke yesterday. Grrrrr. I am so not happy about having to replace that but anyway...moving right along.

Makayla came home from school early yesterday because she was sick. I sat her on the couch to watch a movie and read. I spend every single day missing the baby years. The precious moments when my babies would lay in my arms and coo and smile that precious little toothless grin.

But then seeing moments like this make me so grateful for the bigger years too. The curiosity that comes with having learning children. The thoughts that they share from their little world. I love it all. These are also such precious moments.

It is so sweet to watch your kids lying on the couch reading a book themselves. I need to make a better effort to focus on the present instead of the past.

And what could be better motivation that three precious kiddos?

ETA: Forgot to mention the quilt Makayla is using. I found it on clearance for $29.98 at Target the other night. Originally $59.99. SCORE!!!


Antonia said...

babies grow up way too fast. but we do learn along with the kids as they grow into wonderful people!

Sorry to hear your camera broke, what happened to it?

Candy Hart said...

Oh what a sweet snap!! I'm with you on the baby days - they are so sweet, smell so good and one big plus is that they cant talk yet!!!!

Sarah C. said...

Hope Makayla is feeling better. They really do grow up too fast, don't they? I think I've been trying to stop time since Dylan was only hours old. Sometimes I look at him and swear I see a toddler even though he's "only" 6.5 months.

Way to go on the quilt! I love Target and especially shopping their clearance end caps. Never know what fun deal you might find. :)