Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am trying to get into a mood where I feel like blogging. It just hasn't really happened yet. My mother-in-law ended up in the hospital a day before the funeral and life is very sad and uneasy right now.

We are trying to hold on but it is proving extremely difficult. We are taking it easy and today was the first day we returned to our normal routine. Hubby went back to work and the girls are at school today.

Right now we are finding comfort in our small little home. Not really wanting to leave. Just hanging out, napping, crying, talking, breaking down, laughing, and crying some more all in one day. It has been a roller coaster and not a very fun one.

I keep praying for God to give us strength. I took this pic yesterday. We got a ton of plants and flowers for the service. My brother-in-law sent some home with us including a HUGE arrangement with three separate plants from hubby's work. We now have five new plants in our home and I must say that they are bringing me comfort.

Thank you all so very very much for the comments. I am still feeling very very sad and depressed. We miss the glue that held our family together.

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Antonia said...

Well now you all have to be the glue for each other.
The crying will be around, but always remember the good times we all had with Sandy.

God knows you need to mourn, so do it. Do it as much as you need when you need. It helps a lot.

God is there and He is holding you. Just keep on praying for strength. I will as will be praying for you as always.

We love you all!