Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Right now we are struggling in many ways. Our hearts are SO heavy. One thing that came along with this is an extra burden of financial stress. We had to pay for the funeral. Well my brother-in-law and mother-in-law helped too but it was still a large amount of money that we now have to pay back. We can live with that. We accept that. Now we also have to be able to help out my mother-in-law financially if she needs it. So with this tragedy came a new way of looking at how we spend our money.

We have been trying for a very long time to agree on how we should save, etc. Well now we don't have a choice. Things are changing with how we view our income because they have to. Since everything has happened I have not felt the need to buy a lot of stuff. The day before I had four packages arrive at my door step. I was buying books and other things. Now I don't feel the need to spend each chance I get.

Today I made an exception. Our home is our sanctuary. And right now it is the ONLY place that any of us want to be. Since I was a teenager my favorite artist ( besides my aunt who is truly the most AMAZING artist) is Amy Brown( link in my sidebar). I used to collect postcards of her prints. For years I have wanted an 8.5X11 print of her work but for some reason I always held off. Today was the day. I went to her site and feel in love with several prints. Then I looked on Ebay and found a print that I had never seen on her site. I feel instantly in love and have already paid via Paypal. It cost me $19 after shipping. But I don't feel guilty. I LOVE it. It is something I will treasure for years to come and I have waited years to buy one.

Being frugal is something that we have to do now. I enjoy being frugal but I also believe that sometimes you have to make an exception.


Antonia said...

We should always be aware of our sending, no matter what. Money or no money.

I'm glad you have something that you have always wanted for yourself!

And yes, times will be tough now, but you will get through it. :) I love you!

Candy Hart said...

Oh I hope everything works out for your family. Times like these can be real tuff, but you have to just get thru them.