Friday, February 26, 2010

Moving Forward

Part of the reason I have had a hard time blogging is because I feel guilty about doing the things I enjoy. I feel as though I should be mourning 24/7. But when I stop to think about it I know that my father-in-law would want us to be happy. He wants the kids to laugh and run around happily. He wants hubby and I to move forward together. I know this because family was everything to him. So now I am trying to make an effort to get back to the things that bring us joy.

It isn't easy and lord knows it hurts deeply but we are trying to move forward. We miss him SOOOO very very much. The picture was taken several years ago on Thanksgiving.

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Antonia said...

You are so right. It will be hard, but Sandy would want everybody to be happy. :) I love you!