Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Return of Scrapbooking!

Shortly after we moved to the house I stopped scrapbooking. It wasn't something I intended to do. It just happened. I missed it terribly but just couldn't find the motivation to get back to it. My mother-in-law asked me to do an album for my father-in-laws funeral and I was very touched. I had to complete a 20 page album in less that a week after taking a year break.

I did get it done and I was thrilled with the results. After that I felt my creativity and the want to sit down and record our history coming back. Friday night I sat down and worked on 4 pages for myself. I am back! This time I am scrapbooking for ME. For my family. I don't care about what others think is "in" now. If I like it great but I don't care if others think the techniques or products I use are outdated. If I love it then it is a great page. I am not done with this page yet since I need to go buy an archival safe pen. This is the start of oodles of pages I will be working on now. It feels so good to be back! :) ( You can click on the pic to make it bigger if you want. )

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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Good for you! I love scrapbooking and have not have time to work on may just be my motivation!