Monday, March 01, 2010

Think before you throw away

I have really been struggling with being frugal lately. I have several auctions on Ebay I am bidding on. I am doing my best though and truly trying to watch what I spend. I love to make smoothies for the kids and me. Usually I use milk and they turn out great. I have been reading that plain yogurt is great for making smoothies so I bought a HUGE container of it and tried out a smoothie with it. YUCK!!! I couldn't even drink it. Nasty texture and taste.

The kids love yogurt but only strawberry or peach. So here I have an enormous container of plain yogurt in my fridge. Normally it would have been thrown out right away but I kept it in there thinking I could put it to good use somehow. So I did some research and found a master muffin recipe mix here. I choose the liquid option using the yogurt and voila! Cocoa muffins that the kids and hubby devoured in one night.

Sure it was only a $2 container of yogurt but think about how many times you throw something out after a failed recipe. You may not be guilty of it but I sure am. So I saved myself $2 and in the long run maybe I will think about finding another way to use something before I throw it out.

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linda said...

Hang in there it will get easier. I also struggled when we first started cutting way way back on the budget. I have some easy recipes that call for yogurt and also some cheap meal recipes. Let me know if you would like them.