Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super powered smoothies

Since we are all pretty miserable over here I made a super powered smoothie today at lunch time. I used:

fresh baby spinach ( Shhhh. Don't tell my kids)
orange juice
plain yogurt
a little bit of sugar

Mix it up and you get some super powered disease fighting goodness. It was so good that the boy drank his with 2 straws.

I am off to cook dinner now. Wanna know a little secret? I haven't cooked dinner in my kitchen in over 3 weeks. That's right. Three weeks of ordering in, eating out and fast food. Wanna know how much we have spent doing that? Well I am not going to say because if I type it out I will get depressed. If I get depressed I am not going to feel like going into the kitchen right now and fixing dinner. See how that works. I HAVE to get myself back on track with cooking. So my readers better hold me to it. I WILL cook dinner EVERY night for at least a week starting tonight. Now let's see if I follow through.

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linda said...

I will have to try that smoothie recipe.