Friday, February 12, 2010

Two little broken hearts

Last night I had two very excited little girls at home. They were filling out all of their Valentines cards and getting ready for their Friday Valentines parties at school. They were beyond excited. This morning I get them off to school and then not long after I get a call from the nurse saying that Macie has a 101 degree fever and has to come home. My poor baby is missing her party. I would have left her there but if a kid has over 100 fever they HAVE to go home.

The second broken heart is Makayla. I go to all of their school parties. I go to Macie's first then Makaylas. I had them pull Makayla out of class so I could talk to her and let her know that I couldn't come to her party now because Macie would be home sick. She broke down and started crying her little eyes out right there in the front office. BROKE MY HEART IN HALF! So now she is sad because I will not be there for her party and Macie is sad because she will not get to have her party at all. They have been counting down for 2 weeks now. :(

I just want to cry for them. School parties at that age are the greatest thing ever. Hubby is really sick but still not calling in from work. I am coming down with something too. We are a house full of sickies. And heart breaks. I am hoping that the Zhu Zhu pets I bought the kids for Valentines will cheer them up this weekend. They have no idea yet so it should be exciting for them.

First pics are of last night writing the cards out. Last pic is my miserable and heart broken little sickling today.


Antonia said...

aww poor babies. There is always next year! I hope Macie gets better.

Wow.. there ya go again, the sicky family! lol Get better soon!

linda said...

Hope that they are feeling better soon.