Monday, February 08, 2010

Target trip

Just a few short hours after I posted my last post this morning the boy and I went to target and what did we come home with?

A new camera of course. I think I am really going to like this one. It is basically just a little point and shoot but it takes pretty darn good pics. And it is the highest megapixel camera I have ever had.

Gotta love Target. Oh and the best part is that it was on sale. :) Saved myself $40!!


Maria said...

Oh yay!! New cameras are so much fun! :-)

Sarah C. said...

Cute photo! :D I talked myself out of a Target trip today. Sooo want to go but am slightly fearful I'll put a bit too much into the cart. LOL

Antonia said...

Have fun with the new camera and take lots of pics that you have missed since the other one broke!

Candy Hart said...

I'm thinking about a new camera to. Mine just seems old - but it still works!!

Great snap of your son - he is really cute!