Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Major props to Super Nanny

Imagine my shock when DH turned around from his computer to watch parts of "Super Nanny" last night. He even made comments about things we should try with dd. It came as an even bigger shock when this morning our toddler got up way too early and instead of yelling he got up, gave her some more milk, walked her back to her room and comforted her. I was about to have a stroke. It worked! It actually worked. We both stayed calm with her and even though we had to do it several times it still worked!! This is a MAJOR break through for our family because we have been at our breaking point with her for quite some time. Both DH and I are already amazed at how well she is responding to Super Nanny's techniques. So major props to Super Nanny!! Just a few minutes ago she took her sisters toy and so I made her go in the corner. Immediately she started hitting the wall and telling me to leave her alone so I calmly walked over there and put her back in the corner. She got the hint, did her time, and then apologized to her sister. Man that woman knows what she is doing. I guess that is why she has her own T.V show and I am usually stuck here pulling my hair out.

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