Wednesday, April 05, 2006

These bites were made for poppin

This week has been a tough one. Kids driving me crazy, housework piling up, you name it. When my friend asked me to come over for pizza today I was all for it. The girls and I got to get out and have some fun. We tried one of the cheesy bites pizzas from Pizza Hut. The verdict: The bites have way too much garlic on them but other than that they are ok. After we ate we spent a good hour blowing up their new little kiddie pool. We couldn't find a pump so we did it all ourselves. Man our jaws hurt by the time we were done. They had a BLAST though. Her dd and my 2 all together. All 3 of them had the best day. It was worth the time it took to blow it up. They spent about 2 hours in there. This was the day we all needed to de-stress.

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Toni said...

I love your title! lol.. Yes, this day was fun! :)