Friday, June 16, 2006

Meal Planning Start

I have started our meal planning list. I'm not going to plan breakfast since we keep cereal stocked up as well as other breakfast foods. Not sure about planning lunch either but I am definitely going to stick with dinner. I am also going to start with a 5 day plan and play the other days by ear until I get the hang of it. Here is this weeks plan:)

Day 1:
L: jelly sandwiches
D: beef and cheese enchiladas

Day 2:
L: lunchables
D: lemon chicken and pasta

Day 3:
L: grilled cheese
D: spaghetti

Day 4:
L: hot dog wienies, carrots and ranch
D: Italian sub sandwiches

Day 5:
L: sandwiches (ham or turkey)
D: frozen pizza

I am also planning several desserts but I am going to play those by ear for now too. Most meals will include some fruit and veggies as well.

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