Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A pretty good day

Today was a pretty good day. I woke up feeling rested, made the kids breakfast and then got all 3 of them dressed and the girls hair done. Normally I just let them run around in a t-shirt and lounge shorts and just pull their hair back in a ponytail but I am trying to be better about all of that. I decided to let them make some Halloween cookies. It is really hard to find cookies that are peanut free so when I do I get them. These were the Pillsbury pre-made ones that you just stick on a cookie sheet but the girls had a blast. I LOVE this picture. They just look so cute.

Of course I didn't leave little man out. He gobbled up his cookie in no time. Overall it was a better day. I got a lot done and stayed a lot less stressed today. I am already feeling better. Tonight I am going to work on setting some more goals for myself and working out a savings plan as well as a menu plan. I'm just going to keep taking it one day at a time. But today was a MUCH better day overall.


Mere said...

Great job girlie!! I see kayla has my hair do on!! She and macers look too cute!! Love ya!


Tricia said...

glad to hear you had such a good day! blah... I need to get motivated... Im havin one of THOSE days....ugh.

love the cookies... looks like your little guy loved them too!. hey any chance you wanna post your menu plan... Im looking for quick cheap meals...any ideas?

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Glad to hear you are having a better day!

The cookies look great...may have to just buy some and try them out myself!