Monday, December 03, 2007

To be a kid

Oh to be a kid again.

To be able to watch Shrek 3 over and over again

To just lay on the floor and relax.

To be so innocent and adorable.


Mere said...

Baby you have noooooo idea!! Love ya :)

Toni said...

LOL!! Innocent... I do not think so! :P

toners said...

Isn't it funny how kiddos can watch the same movie over and over? Right now my little guy's favorite is Tom & Jerry's Nutcracker :)

Tiffany said...

I dont know how they watch that same movie over and over and over again! After the first dozen times I want to throw it away! I would just love half the energy they have!

Beka said...

My kid went through a phase of only wanting to watch Robin Hood, we watched it multiple times a day lol. Bytheway, I like your new banner, great job. Did you see Lorie's new blog????? Go to mine and link from there!!!!!

melissa said...

ahhh I know..wish I could go back to being one for just a day of mindless fun and relaxing, lol.